Moments to Remember

About Kwame Miller

I have been shooting weddings for over 10 years now and I use a photo-journalistic style for most of the day. My aim is always to capture "moments" and emotions for you to treasure and I do this by getting the couple to be comfortable with me in their space so that they can be themselves. The couple are the stars of the day and I try to be as invisible as possible except during the formal portrait session.


The best photos capture the true essence of a moment and in most cases, that can't be staged so you won't hear me giving posing directions or asking you to repeat actions that I missed during your ceremony, that style just isn't effective. I love shooting weddings because I get an up-close view of two persons doing something that makes them both extremely happy and because no two weddings are ever the same. My goal is to get the best view of the couple so that they can get that same view permanently recorded.


Persons sometimes have some very personal experiences while getting ready for weddings and they allow me into their space during this time. I honour that trust by endeavoring to capture images that reflect the beauty inherent in those moments and making the individuals forget that I'm even there.


People give a precious piece of themselves when they are photographed. We take this trust seriously, and work hard to create images that reflect the beautiful spirit of each individual.


Wedding photography should be much more than just taking photos for someone. From the first time we meet, it is my job to help you be as comfortable and confident as possible. I let you know what to expect at different points in the day, provide comic relief when the tension gets high and remind you that the day is yours so that you don't only end up with beautiful photos but I make sure that the day that is supposed to be your most memorable is also the most enjoyable. Some couples exclaim at the end of their weddings "finally, it's over" but truly, you want to be able to say "I wish this day would never end" and I work as hard as possible to keep you feeling that way.


If you want an enjoyable photography experience that allows you to be yourself while resulting in amazing photos, then I would love to schedule a consultation to discuss exactly how I can serve you!