Moments to Remember

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Professional and Experienced

Your wedding is a live event with no do-overs. With that in mind, you definitely don't want to hire a photography team who is learning on your job. With more than twenty weddings shot by our team, you'll benefit from our preparedness and intuition of when moments happen along with our advice on how to make your day spectacular and still totally enjoyable.

Creative and Nimble

Even though there are countless weddings every week, no two weddings are the same and your photos should reflect the unique nature of your day. We are always looking for your signature shot during the day so that by the end of it, we have several. Having shot in the morning, mid-day sun, late evening and in rain, we have learned the art of making the best of what nature throws our way and you see the benefits of that in our images.

Excellent Listeners

Yes, we bring lots of experience and ideas to the table and that is undoubtedly one of the reasons why you would hire us in the first place but we never forget that the day is yours. We’ll incorporate any ideas that you may have into our photography as the true measure of the quality of our work is the joy you get from our photos and your emotional connection to them.